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Ten random things: March 16

Ten Senators of ancient Rome:

  1. Publius Antistius (1st century BC)
  2. Lucius Cassius Longinus (2nd century BC)
  3. Fabius Aconius Catullinus Philomathius (4th century AD)
  4. Gaius Laelius Sapiens (2nd century BC)
  5. Aelius Hadrianus Marullinus (1st century AD)
  6. Pontius Aquila (1st century BC)
  7. Gaius Servilius Glaucia (1st century BC)
  8. Quinctilius Varus (1st century AD)
  9. Marcus Aurelius Scaurus (2nd century BC)
  10. Publius Cornelius Lentulus Spinther (1st century BC)

It should be noted that the Marcus Aurelius listed above is not the Marcus Aurelius. There were a bunch of Roman politicians with that names; the gens Aurelia was a prominent family in Rome, and most of them were named Gaius, Lucius, Marcus, or Publius. (Gaius, incidentally, was my nomen in high school Latin class was Gaius. Why the hell do I remember that?)

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