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Art on Sunday: Blast from the past

When I went back and found the studio furniture post I linked to last week, I was rather appalled. The pictures were so tiny! And the quality wasn't best, since I'd scanned them myself from an exhibition brochure. And I didn't have the names or artists listed for any of them. Thankfully, the Smithsonian American Art has beefed up its online collection in the last six years, and I was able to locate all four pieces. So here they are again, with bigger pictures and appropriately credited.

Rory McCarthy (born 1948)
Dining Table, 1976
Padauk wood, wenge wood, imbuya wood, shedua wood, glass, Plexiglas, and aluminum
Dining Table
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington

I almost didn't recognize this as the same table I showed last time. I kind of like it better in its smaller, circular configuration.

Jere Osgood (born 1936)
Cylinder-Front Desk, 1989
Australian lacewood, Honduran rosewood, pearwood, mahogany plywood, Indonesian water buffalo calfskin
Cylinder-Front Desk
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington

I like the wacky specificity of this one. Not just buffalo skin, not just water buffalo skin, but Indonesian water buffalo skin, which is probably the water buffalo skin equivalent of soft Corinthian leather. (A quick perusal of Wikipedia's water buffalo article suggests there actually is a good reason to be so specific; identifying it as Indonesian demonstrates that it came from a domesticated water buffalo, rather from the endangered wild water buffalo found in southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.)

Thomas Loeser (born 1956)
Four by Four, 1994
carved, painted, varnished, and waxed mahogany with acrylic and milk paint
Four by Four
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington

Why would you build a chest of drawers out of mahogany and then paint it yellow and purple? I don't get it.

Dale Broholm (born 1956)
Upholstered Chair, 1996
Walnut burl veneer, ash, plywood, leather, and crackle milk paint
Upholstered Chair
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington

Plywood! Frank Lloyd Wright would approve, though I'm sure he would have seen the walnut veneer as unnecessary frippery.
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