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Ten random things: March 21

Ten teams I correctly predicted would advance to the Regional Semifinals of the 2011 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament:

  1. University of Connecticut
  2. University of North Carolina
  3. University of Arizona
  4. Duke University
  5. Brigham Young University
  6. University of Kentucky
  7. University of Wisconsin
  8. Marquette University
  9. San Diego State University
  10. Ohio State University

And by "I" I mean President Obama, whose bracket I copied for my office's NCAA pool. Actually, that's not entirely true; the Prez picked Kansas State to advance; I, being a shameless homer, pick University of Wisconsin. And in fact Wisconsin won, which proves that my brain is much smarter than the President's when it comes to picking winning basketball teams. (We will overlook that the other two times I picked a team other than the one the President did, my team lost.)

Thanks to my smartness of brain (and, to a lesser degree, President Obama's), I am currently leading the office pool. Each correct pick earned me one point, so at the end of the the first two rounds I found myself with 39 points out of a possible 48. Like most people, the upsets in the southern regionals prevented me from doing even better. None of the participants in my pool picked VCU to make it to the Sweet Sixteen. (For that matter, no one even thought they'd make it to the round of 32.) Four other teams were correctly picked to advance by a single person. (That is, one person picked Marquette to advance (me), one picked Butler, and so on in that manner until each was chosen by one person.)

Now comes the tricky part. We do a progressive tournament. First we picked the winners of the second and third rounds. Next we'll pick the winners of the regional games, then of the semifinals, and the the final game. Each round is progressively more valuable: the regional games are worth 3 points; the semis, 4; and the final game, 5. I'll stick with Obama's picks for the East and West regions; all eight of our picks advanced there. But in the Southeast and Southwest, I only got four of the eight. I'll stick with the President's picks insofar as I'm able, but I'll have to wing it on the FSU/VCU and Butler/Wisconsin matchups. Oh, the pressure!

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