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Ten random things: March 28

Ten IPA pronunciations in Old Occitan:

  1. c - [k] before a, o, or u; [s] before e or i
  2. ę - [Ɛ]
  3. j - [ʤ] or [i] when intervocalic
  4. qu or q - [k]
  5. nh - [ŋ]
  6. d - [z] when intervocalic, otherwise [d]
  7. ch - [tʃ]
  8. g - [g] before a, o, or u; [ʤ] before e or i
  9. ll - [ʎ]
  10. h - silent

My friend Jennifer is a doctoral candidate in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Music. Last year I attended her final performance recital, and today I was able to attend her lecture recital, at which she discussed her project to make troubadour music more accessible to modern performers. She presented her approach to learning a selection of troubadour music, explained her efforts to determine what symbols should be used to render Old Occitan--the language in which troubadour songs were written--in the International Phonetic Alphabet, and demonstrated the notation style she developed to help performers better understand and interpret the pieces. It was really quite interesting! I was glad I had the opportunity to go. Yet another advantage of working on the UW-Madison campus!

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