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Ten random things: April 11

Ten people who have been invited to the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton:

  1. David Douglas-Home, 15th Earl of Home
  2. Princess Beatrice of York
  3. Miguel Head, press officer to Prince William
  4. Elton John, musician
  5. Sarah Dawson, director, Starlight Children's Foundation
  6. David Beckham, footballer
  7. Charles Gilkes, bar owner
  8. Bryony Daniels, milliner
  9. Roger Pritchard, managing director, The Mustique Company
  10. Venerable Bogoda Seelawimala, head priest at the London Buddhist Vihara monastery

Word on the street is that the invitations to William and Kate's wedding have been sent. I've not received mine yet, but you know how international mail delivery is.

Tags: current events, lists of ten things

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