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Ten random things: April 18

Ten 2011 Pulitzer Prize winners:

  1. John J. Kim of the Chicago Sun-Times, for "immersive documentation of violence in Chicago neighborhoods, probing the lives of victims, criminals and detectives as a widespread code of silence impedes solutions" (Local reporting)
  2. Carol Guzy of The Washington Post, for an "up-close portrait of grief and desperation after a catastrophic earthquake struck Haiti" (Breaking news photography)
  3. Zhou Long, for Madame White Snake (Music)
  4. Alison Sherwood of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, for a "lucid examination of an epic effort to use genetic technology to save a 4-year-old boy imperiled by a mysterious disease, told with words, graphics, videos and other images" (Explanatory journalism)
  5. Ellen Barry of The New York Times, for "dogged reporting that put a human face on the faltering justice system in Russia, remarkably influencing the discussion inside the country" (International reporting)
  6. Kay Ryan, for The Best of It: New and Selected Poems (Poetry)
  7. Ron Chernow, for Washington: A Life (Biography)
  8. Jesse Eisinger of ProPublica, for "exposure of questionable practices on Wall Street that contributed to the nation’s economic meltdown, using digital tools to help explain the complex subject to lay readers" (National reporting)
  9. Mike Keefe of The Denver Post (Editorial cartooning)
  10. Eric Foner, for The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery (History)

Kudos to Columbia University for awarding one of its journalism prizes to ProPublica, an online-only news publication. This is the first time a Pulitzer has been award to work that did not originate in a print publication.

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