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Ten random things: April 22

Ten notable Requiem masses:

  1. Mozart - Requiem Mass in D minor, K. 626
  2. Cherubini - Requiem in C minor for mixed chorus
  3. Berlioz - Grande Messe des morts, Op. 5
  4. Verdi - Messa da Requiem
  5. Brahms - Ein deutsches Requiem, nach Worten der heiligen Schrift, op. 45
  6. Faure - Requiem in D minor
  7. Dvořák - Requiem in B-flat minor, Op. 89, B. 165
  8. Duruflé - Requiem, op. 9
  9. Britten - War Requiem, Op. 66
  10. Penderecki - Polskie Requiem

Who sang number 6 tonight? IT IS ME. The choirs of the three large Presbyterian (PCUSA) churches in Madison, along with some individuals from Bryn Mawr Presbyterian in Cottage Grove and from Pres House, the PCUSA campus ministry at UW, came together to sing the Faure Requiem at a Good Friday service hosted by Covenant. It went pretty well, except when the entire tenor section failed to come in in the middle of the Agnus Dei. Oops.

Tags: lists of ten things, music, religion, wisconsin: madison

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