John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Ten random things: April 27

Ten Tweets I made from the 21st Annual University of Wisconsin Conference for the Office Professional:

  1. Supervision & evaluations: check in regularly; give feedback right away; treat them professionally if you expect professional behavior. #opc
  2. When interviewing frosh and sophs, stick to one-part questions. Reserve more complex questions for upperclassmen. #opc
  3. "What happens in a pivot table, stays in a pivot table." #opc
  4. Best practice no. 2: Identify your audience and purpose. Why am I writing this? Who am I writing to? Who else might see it? #opc
  5. Transition is the psychological reorientation people must go through before change can take place. Similar to stages of grief. #opc
  6. The point of life is not to check things off your to-do list, no matter now important it may seem in the moment. #opc
  7. Life is either a grest adventure or nothing. -- Helen Keller #opc
  8. Finish this sentence: If I really want to live a better story then it might make sense for me to ... #opc
  9. The four P's of transition communications: the Picture - What it will look and feel like when we reach our goal. #opc
  10. Best practice no. 4: What's in it for the reader? Explain up front why reading your message will be of value to the recipient. #opc

Earlier today I attended the UW Conference for the Office Professional, an annual conference put on by the UW-Madison Office of Human Resources. And it was really good! The keynote speaker, Jason Kotecki of, was really funny, and all four of the breakout sessions I attended (Managing Change: Beyond Survival, Business Writing Best Practices, Tips and Tricks: Being Efficient with Data and Email, and The Student Employment Journey) were interesting and informative. I liveTweeted the hell out of the whole thing; if you care, you can see all but one of my Tweets from the conference here. And the one I forgot to tag is here.

Tags: lists of ten things, social media: twitter, wisconsin: madison, work

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