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Advent 2011: May the spirit of peace be with you this Christmas

It's no secret I haven't had much of a presence on LiveJournal for most of the last six months or so. I dropped the daily lists in May because, well, it started to feel like more of a chore than anything else, and since there was never any point to the lists other than that I enjoyed doing them, there was really no point in continuing them once I stopped enjoying it. Nevertheless, once I stopped posting every day, I felt vaguely guilty about not doing so. But not so guilty that I was moved to do anything about it other than a handful of posts here and there. Once you get out of the habit...

Advent presents the perfect opportunity to get back into the swing of things. As I have in years past, I'll be making a holiday-themed post each day through January 6. This year I'm returning to a theme I last visited in 2005: holiday greeting cards! I'll be drawing from my own correspondence, so if you've ever sent me a holiday card, you may well see it turn up here. In fact, let's start with one of those. I received this in 2007, not from any of my online friends but from a fellow member of the church I belonged to at the time. What you can't see in this scanned image is the glitter on the wings of the dove and below the grayish line at the bottom. Glitter just looks fuzzy when scanned, but it still looks pretty good, I think.

May the spirit of peace be with you this Christmas
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