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Advent 2011: Ho Ho Hoping You Have A Happy Holiday Season

Today is World AIDS Day, so here's a Christmas card sent out last year by Hope House, an AIDS/HIV service organization serving the educational, social, psychological and health needs of HIV-infected or -affected children in Memphis, Tennessee. It's not the kind of card you buy and send to a friend; rather, it's a card Hope House sent out to people in whose name a $15 donation had made to the charity. They're running the same promotion this year, but I like last year's card better. You could also make an online donation or purchase something from their Amazon wish list. Better yet, give or volunteer your time to your local AIDS/HIV service organization--you can find one near you at to programs working nationally or internationally.

Ho Ho Hoping You Have A Happy Holiday Season
© 2010 Hope House Day Care Inc., Memphis, Tenn.
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