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Advent 2011: Seasons Greetings

The last time I posted Christmas cards for Advent, a little subtheme developed along the way of cards that showed Santa Claus riding in or on various non-sleigh modes of transportation, such as a blimp or a car, or at least rough approximations thereof. So today's card was a natural.

This card is found in the Wisconsin Historical Society's Historical Images collection. I guess it was sent to someone in Wisconsin? I don't know, and the record page isn't saying, so it's a mystery. The WHS has a great collection of old cards, by the way; I easily could do a full month of cards just from their collection, but I will restrain myself. Expect to see at least one or two more before January 6, though.

Seasons Greetings
Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wis.
Tags: advent: 2011, animals, greeting card

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