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Advent 2011: May the Good Will of this Season make your Christmas happy

Dipping back into the Wisconsin Historical Society well today to bring you a holiday card sent out by Governor Philip La Follette and his wife Isabel. It dates to the 1930s—La Follette's three terms as governor were all during that decade—but I don't know exactly when it was sent, or to whom. The photograph is of the State Street corner of the building—the same corner, coincidentally, where the Wisconsin Historical Society's State Historical Museum now stands. (Here's a more recent photo of the same corner of the building, taken October 1 by yours truly from the fourth floor of the aforementioned museum.) Looks like the photographer was standing across the street from the future museum site, though.

The WHS has a few other gubernatorial holiday cards in their collection, and it's interesting to observe the passage of time as you look at them. I thought it was interesting, at any rate. But then, I am easily interested.

May the Good Will of this Season make your Christmas happy
Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wis.
Tags: advent: 2011, greeting card, wisconsin, wisconsin: madison

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