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Advent 2011: It Is My Christmas Gift To You

The other day, I posted a card that had been sent out by Hope House, an HIV/AIDS service organization in Memphis, Tennessee, to people in whose honor a donation had been made. Cards like this are frequently referred to as "honor cards," and they've been around for quite some time. Today's card, once again drawn from the Wisconsin Historical Society's Historical Images collection, dates from 1918. The French text at the top of the card translates to, "do you have a place in your heart for us?" Assuming the answer to be yes (or just not caring if the answer is no), the card goes on to explain that the sender gave "happiness to a French soldier's orphan for a day. It is my Christmas gift to you." Why French orphans and not British or Belgian ones? Perhaps only the George C. Whitney Company of Worcester, Massachusetts, knows for sure, and since they've been out of business since 1942 we may never know. The illustration on the card is by Walter de Maris, a Massachusetts artist. You can see several other examples of his work on his American Art Archive page.

It Is My Christmas Gift To You
Wisconsin Historical Society, Madison, Wis.
Tags: advent: 2011, greeting card

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