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Advent 2011: An extra-special wish for an extra-special Christmas!

Whoops, didn't get around to putting up a Christmas card yesterday! I had a Christmas party in the evening, and when I got home I had to finish up the review roundup of last night's episode of Community, which took quite a lot longer than it has when I've done it in the past. Since it was an online fandom activity that caused me to forget to post a card yesterday, I decided that one of the two cards I post today should be one from someone I met through online fandom.

I received this card my friend Lori, whom I met first a CJoff in the AOL TV Gossip area, where we both posted on a bulletin board devoted to discussing Melrose Place. The original one, I mean, not the recent (and terrible) remake, so I've known her for a good few years now. Almost 20 years, in fact! That seems like a mind-bogglingly long time to have known someone I first met online. A lot of my fellow Community fans are in their early 20s, and from time to time I will receive a rude age-related shock, as when the other day someone referred to A Bug's Life--which was released the year I turned 30--as a childhood favorite. I don't think it's happened quite yet, but if I stay active in television fandom--and why wouldn't I?--it won't be too very long before I will have been involved in online fandom longer than some of my fellow fans have been alive. Oy.

An extra-special wish for an extra-special Christmas!
Artwork and design copyright © Hallmark Cards, Inc.

(Incidentally, this card would not answer Annie's question about whether one trims the tree or the deer.)

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