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Advent 2011: Wishing you a wonderful holiday season

I found this card among my correspondence, but I have no idea where it came from. There's no signature inside, just a Creative Channel Services logo and slogan. I don't remember anyone sending to me, but I can't imagine where else it would have come from. One of the many mysteries of Christmas, I guess.

(ETA: Wait, no, I think I remember! When I worked at Ritz, we had these online training modules we had to take. I think maybe Creative Channel Services is the company that made and hosted those training modules. Hold on a sec ... yes! "Creative Channel Services (CCS) is a leading retail marketing agency providing integrated solutions that increase brand sales and profitability for manufacturers and retailers." Mystery solved!)

Another interesting thing about this card: according to the back of the card, "no new trees were cut down to make the paper for this card." It's made from 50% recycled paper fibers and 50% sugarcane fiber. Neat.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season
Art and design copyright © Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Tags: advent: 2011, greeting card

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