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Advent 2011: Thine own wish wish I thee

Here's a vintage Christmas postcard by the well-known postcard artist Ellen Clapsaddle. Unless you are a postcard collector who probably don't know who she is, but suffice to say she is to postcards what Norman Rockwell is to Saturday Evening Post covers. I posted at least one Clapsaddle card the last time I did this, of Santa "delivering gifts in something that bears a vague resemblance to an airship of some sort"--a favorite theme of hers, apparently--and if this one isn't by her, it's by someone trying hard to ape her style.

(Interesting fact about that second one: the card was sent to the famous Hoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley by a fan. The message on the back of the card, which can be found in the collection of the Indiana Historical Society, reads, "Dear Mr Riley I love your poems but I love the one to Santa Claus best. I wish you much happiness and successes for the future. My Grand Ma just died to. Wish you a Merry Christmas. Frederick Julian Werkhover 525 High St., Memphis, Tennessee.")

Anyway! I would have been remiss had I failed to post at least one Clapsaddle this year. And here it is! It occurs to me that the offhand comparison I made above is an apt one; I can very easily imagine Rockwell painting a scene very much like this, if not the Saturday Evening Post then for Bell Telephone, which was one of his commercial clients.

Thine own wish wish I thee
Image via The Graphics Fairy
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