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Advent 2011: Baubles

As I was browsing the greeting cards collection on the Victoria & Albert Museum website earlier, I ran across a vintage card that reminded me strongly of a more recent that is part of my own collection.

May the Christ child bless you and yours at this Christmastide and all the year through
Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Best wishes for a very happy holiday
Private collection. Art and design copyright © Marcel Schurman

Up top is the Christmas card of the Vogenthaler family. Who are the Vogenthalers? Well, they were the family that hired Phoebe Moore to design this custom Christmas card back in 1950 or thereabouts. And I know from looking at the interior of the card that the family was a traditional 1950s-style American family: a mother, a father, and five kids, four boys and one girl. Beyond that, no idea. Below is a card sent to me by my TWoP Buffy forum pal Kelly, a.k.a. rocknrollgidget. It's appropriate that Kelly's card would echo a card created almost 60 years earlier, as I recall her being quite interested in the styles and fashions of the 50s, and I would not be at all surprised if she chose this card because of its retro styling.
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