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Advent 2011: Let us rejoice in the blessing of His unending love (A Very Heaton Christmas, day 2)

Today's Heaton family card comes from my dad! I just got it yesterday, making it the newest card in my collection. And yet it's also probably the oldest card I'll receive this year, because I know he and my step-mom typically go out the day after Christmas to buy their Christmas cards for the following year. Many of which, incidentally, did not scan very well, which is at least part of why I went with this one rather than with one from a previous year.

Let us rejoice in the blessing of His unending love
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BONUS CONTENT! This is not a Christmas card. But it was bought by my dad and mailed to me from North Pole, Alaska, on June 2, which as you can see was Christmas.

Where it's Christmas every day!
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