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Advent 2011: Have a SUPER holiday season! (A Very Heaton Christmas, day 3)

My original plan was to run these Heaton family holiday cards in chronological order, starting with my grandmother and ending with my younger sister. But I'm deviating from that slightly while I wait for some information my my sister-in-law about a card she sent a couple of years ago. So skipping ahead one we come to yours truly. I sent these Batman cards in... hm, 2003? Assuming I used "a couple of years ago" literally in this 2005 entry.

This picture of Batman, Robin, and Santa Claus was originally published as the cover of Batman #27, cover-dated February-March 1945. (Comics are dated several months in advance, so this would have been available on news stands in November and December 1944.) This was, incidentally, the first Christmas-themed cover ever to appear on an issue of Batman. Issue #15 featured a Christmas story (which you can read about at Comics Alliance), but the cover showed, bizarrely enough, Batman firing a machine gun. Hey, it was wartime, what are you gonna do.

Have a SUPER holiday season!
Batman and Robin are trademarks of DC Entertainment, Inc. Original artwork by Jack
Burnley for and copyright © DC Entertainment, Inc. Batman created by Bob Kane. Card
designed by Kirsten Hetland for and copyright © Chronicle Books. Image via

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