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Advent 2011: Happy holidays!

Here's another homemade holiday card, less elaborate than the one made by hobbituk that I posted on Christmas Day but no less charming for its simplicity. I got this from ghoulchick (and mrghoul, LilGhoul, and GhoulChicklet) early in 2008, and I'll let GC explain the design:

     We couldn't decide what to do to decorate cards, so Mr. Ghoul made a stamper out of a potato.

Incidentally, this is not the only handmade item I have received from GC; I also have sitting nearby a lovely piece of swag she brought to a Buffy fan gathering some years ago: a railroad spike with my named painted on it. Classy! What I don't have is the candy cane that, according to the enclosed interview with the kids, GhoulChicklet said she might give me someday. Don't make empty promises, young lady!

Happy holidays!
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