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Advent 2011: Happy Chanukah!

I think technically I'm a few hours late posting this. Yet another indignity suffered by the Jews! a2zmom sent this to me, and it was designed by her son Zak. I think? Pretty sure it was. He's a graphic design student in his first year at Maryland Institute College of the Arts, though as I recall he was still in high school when he designed this. I dithered a bit on what if anything I should obscure before posting the card; a2zmom has always talked about her kids by name, so I felt pretty comfortable leaving their names unmolested, but I don't recall her ever using her own name or that of her husband, so I blotted those out, along with the last name. Better safe than sorry, right? Anyway! Nice card, huh?

Happy Chanukah!
Private collection
Tags: advent: 2011, greeting card, holidays: hanukkah

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