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Advent 2011: With every best wish of the season we greet thee

Allow me to make another complaint about the New Year's Day holiday. Let's say you don't have a hangover to recover from, you don't want to watch football, and you don't much care for recreational shopping. What to do? Well. for me, going to the library is always a fine thing to do… except, whoops, it's a holiday, so the library is closed. But no problem, I can go to the library on January 2. Except, whoops, I can't because when New Year's Day falls on a Sunday, the City of Madison observes the New Year's holiday on Monday. Which is all well and good for those people who work in a city office that is closed on Sundays, like, say, the Treasurer's office. But the libraries—the Pinney and Sequoya branches, at least—are open on Sunday. So if they were closed yesterday when normally they would have been open, why were they also closed today?

Another good question: what the hell is going on in this card? Santa doesn't seem to know, but I think the girl does. My guess: this is one of those Santas that stuffs naughty children into sacks and takes them to Spain, and the girl managed to overpower him (and his six to eight black men) and is carting him off to a deserted cabin, where she will chain him to a bed and threaten to hobble him if she doesn't get the toys she wanted. "Every best wish," indeed.

With every best wish of the season we greet thee
Via Flickr user star1950
Tags: advent: 2011, greeting card

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