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My friend Cindy on Jeopardy!

My friend Cindy was a contestant on Jeopardy! today. So I watched. And because I had my laptop in front of me, I live-tweeted it. For archival purposes, I decided to reproduce those Tweets here; for my own amusement, I decided to annotate them. It's behind an LJ cut because maybe someone reading this hasn't watched it yet, and I talk about the Final Jeopardy answer and the winner.

4:29 PM
Ready to watch my friend Cindy kick butt on Jeopardy! Fun fact: Cindy was the first person I met in person after meeting her online.
I met Cindy via the Melrose Place bulletin board in the TV Gossip section of America Online, waaaay back in 1994. Back then, I knew her as lolitacon. (Lolita was her cat.) Interestingly, another person I met in that forum, Greg, appeared on Jeopardy! back in 1998, proving (as if proof was necessary) that you had to be very smart to really appreciate Melrose Place.
4:31 PM
Well, first of two. Three of us got together. Hey there she is! Hi, Cindy! These other us look like punks. A good open!
"us" = guys. I am not a very good typist.
4:33 PM
Er, a good OMEN. And a good open, I guess, since it was the first thing shown. And don't worry, @escape1974, I'm not LTing this. :-)
OK, I lied about not live-tweeting it. But I didn't really intend to…it just sort of happened. I specifically addressed escap1974 because she complained—not without cause, arguably—about my having live-tweeted an episode of Community the day before.
4:39 PM
Quoth Cindy: early 90s geek girls on TV had glasses; later, metaphorical glasses like red hair or other outlier characteristics.
4:40 PM
(Which came up because she teaches media studies and did her dissertation on geeky girls on TV.)
4:42 PM
@YoplaitYogurt You were just an answer on Jeopardy! It was in reference to your gluten-free products, such as strawberry-kiwi yogurt.
I follow Yoplait because they sponsor Community and have been very engaged with Communies on Twitter since we started Tweeting thanks to advertisers.
4:45 PM
Cindy is tied for the lead at the start of Double Jeopardy! Woo! Whoops, not any more. Too slow.
4:49 PM
New rule: you can't go on Jeopardy! if you can't pronounce "andouille."
Another contestant, Preston, pronounced it "Ahn-DOOlee," as in Dooley Wilson (who played Sam in Casablanca) or "duly noted."
4:53 PM
Second place going into Final Jeopardy. Category: Presidential running mates. Um, William "Bill" Miller? George Dallas? James Stockdale?
Preston was leading. Miller was Barry Goldwater's running mate in 1968; later, he appeared in in one of those "do you know me?" ads for American Express. George Dallas was James K. Polk's vice president. Stockdale was Ross Perot's running mate in 1992.
4:56 PM
I don't know this one. Hope I'm not her Phone-a-Friend.
The final answer was something like, "At the inaugural dinner of this President and Vice President, boiled stuffed lobster tails and prime rib were served." My guess: Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. I was not correct. Nor, alas, was Cindy, who similarly guessed Washington and Adams. Preston guessed Obama and Biden, and was also incorrect. The third guy, Brandon, got it right: Kennedy and Johnson. It took me about 45 minutes to recognize the geographic clue embedded in the answer.
5:03 PM
Well, that was fun. I haven't watched Jeopardy in forever. I won't tweet the winner...don't want to spoil.the ending!
The winner was Brandon, the returning champion. He trailed throughout; indeed, he may not have taken the lead until Preston's wager had been deducted from his score. The ultimate come-from-behind victory! Cindy would up in third--same as Greg, coincidentally.
5:12 PM
And apparently what I meant was I wouldn't LT it as...vigorously as I LTed Community yesterday. A step in the right direction, at least.
And by vigorous I mean 32 tweets in in 30 minutes. Escape had a point.

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