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The casting of a new companion for Doctor Who was announced today!

Former Emmerdale actress Jenna-Louise Coleman has landed the role of the Time Lord's new companion in Doctor Who, the BBC has confirmed. Producer Steven Moffat announced the actress will replace Karen Gillan's character Amy Pond when she leaves the show in the next series. Coleman, 25, has also appeared in Waterloo Road and Julian Fellowes' four part mini-series Titanic.

Of course, Doctor Who fans reacted to the casting news in their usual measured and thoughtful way.

And that's just what I found with a few cursory searches of Twitter throughout the day. God knows what they're saying here on LJ or on Tumblr or the forums. One thing I was surprised not to see was anyone calling her fat. Not on Twitter, anyway. I mean, she's not, but she does have more meat on her bones than Karen Gillan, and science-fiction fans are not necessarly known for being forward-thinking when it comes to female body types. So, one small point in Doctor Who fandom's favor.

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