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If I had a supercomputer

If I had one of those supercomputers like you see in the movies—you know, the kind that can scan every database and website instantaneously—I'd use it to compile a list of people who have criticized George Lucas for changing the Star Wars movies to better suit his own personal creative vision.

And then I'd compile a list of people who didn't like the way Mass Effect 3 ends and have demanded that Bioware change the ending to something they, the gamers, like better.

Then I would cross-reference the two lists to create a third list, containing the names and addresses of everyone who appears on both lists.

Then I would use my vast personal fortune—my assumption is that if I had a supercomputer like that, I would also have a vast personal fortune—to visit every person on that third list and smack them right upside the head.
Tags: current events, i don't get it, movies, technology

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