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On tyrants only will we make war

There's a line in the labor anthem "The Internationale" that some might say I should pay attention to: "We'll change henceforth the old traditions."

Servile masses arise!

Well, maybe next year.

Speaking of "The Internationale," I put together a Spotify playlist for May Day that features eleven, count 'em, eleven different versions of that song! French, English, Russian, German… whatever your language, I've got you covered. As long as it's one of those four. There's a way to embed Spotify playlists, but it uses iframes and LJ has never played nice with those, so just click the link below and you can play it in the Spotify application.

May Day playlist

Obviously you'll need Spotify to listen to that. Despite an atrocious interface, it's worth downloading if you don't have it, especially if you're here in the US and you have a Facebook account, because in that case it's free for unlimited use. In other countries, I believe you get six months free and after that you're limited to ten hours a month. Unless you live in Canada or Australia, in which case it's not available to you at all. Sorry, dudes. Here's a YouTube video of the Billy Bragg version, which isn't available on Spotify for some reason. Too bad, it's my favorite.

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