John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Oscar commentary updates

A couple of updates regarding comments I made yesterday about the Oscar nominees:

  • Regarding the alphabetization of Les Misérables, the University of Chicago Manual of Style says:
    "In a work intended for a general audience—where readers are likely to think of these titles with their articles (La Cage, Les Miz)—it is acceptable to alphabetize under the article. But in a more specialized work, or in a work intended for readers who are likely to be well-versed in the languages of any foreign titles mentioned in the text, it is usually better to ignore the articles that begin titles (in English and in other languages) when alphabetizing (see 16.48, 16.51, 16.52 for details). If you choose the latter route and your list is a long one, you might consider cross-referencing."
    To which I say, acceptable schmacceptable. Like I said, I’m a bit of a purist. However, I grudgingly concede that the Academy’s decision to place Les Misérables out of proper alphabetical order is not altogether unjustifiable.
  • Apparently, the Academy has changed its rules regarding Best Documentary Feature. In years past, the Oscar went to the director and only the director. (This is why, if you're ever doing a crossword puzzle and you run across the clue [Only man to win both a Nobel Prize and an Oscar], you should enter SHAW, not GORE.) But at some point not too long ago, that changed. Rule 11, Part III, Section E.1:
    The nominee(s) should be the individual(s) most involved in the key creative aspects of the filmmaking process. A maximum of two persons may be designated as nominees, one of whom must be the credited director who exercised directorial control, and the other of whom must have a producer or director credit. [Emphasis theirs] If a producer is named, that individual must have performed a major portion of the producing functions, in accordance with Academy producer criteria. No more than two statuettes will normally be given in the Documentary Feature category. All individuals with a “Producer” or “Produced by” credit on films that reach the semifinal round will automatically be vetted. In the unlikely event of a dispute, filmmakers may appeal the committee’s decision. In extremely rare circumstances, a third statuette may be awarded.
    So presumably the Documentary Branch Executive Committee is still determining which producers are eligible, though based on my reading of the rules, that vetting should have been done during the semifinal round.
  • Apparently Seth MacFarlane made the nominations announcement because he is the host of the Oscars ceremony this year. Also, apparently he did a terrible job. Nevertheless, he will be the first person be nominated for an Oscar and host the Oscars in the same year since Michael Caine in 1973.
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