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Critics' Choice Film Awards comments

It has been brought to my attention that the Broadcast Film Critics Association held their Critics’ Choice Film Awards ceremony last night. As far as award shows that aren’t the Oscars go, the Critics’ Choice Awards are better than most, because they acknowledged that Community is the best comedy on TV, and because of that I feel somewhat obligated to look at the list of nominees and winners and see if I can't find something to say about them.

  • The biggest surprise is that they named Argo as Best Picture and Ben Affleck as Best Director. I think Lincoln is the film to beat for the Oscar, but who knows, maybe a little early attention for Argo will … nah. I think Affleck not getting an Oscar nomination for directing shows how seriously the Academy takes Argo as a best Picture candidate.
  • I see that the official list of nominees I pulled off the BFCA website names Les Miserables and Quvenzhane Wallis as nominees, whereas the Academy's official list of nominees names Les Misérables and Quvenzhané Wallis. One would think a group of broadcast critics would pay more attention to accents, since they 're so important in determining how to, you know, pronounce things, which I would think would be rather a priority for a broadcaster.
  • The BFCA has some additional categories that you don't find in the Oscars, like Best Action Movie. In that category, Skyfall beat The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and Looper. But hey, isn't Zero Dark Thirty an action movie? Wikipedia says it is; so does IMDb. Roger Ebert called it "a slam-bang action picture." So why was it not nominated here, nor Jessica Chastain for Best Actress in an Action Movie? It can't be that a Best Picture nomination precludes it from also getting nominated in a genre category, because Silver Linings Playbook was nominated both for Best Picture and Best Comedy; likewise, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence were nominated in both the general and comedy acting categories. In all three cases, they were the only nominees to be appear in both the general and the genre categories, and as you might expect, all three won.
  • More genre category weirdness: Judi Dench was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress in an Action Movie, both for Skyfall. Meanwhile, Javier Bardem was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Skyfall, but not nominated for Best Actor in an Action Movie, while Daniel Craig was nominated for Best Actor in an Action Movie for Skyfall, but not Best Actor. I don't think I'm capable of untangling that one.
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