John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Golden Globes commentary

So, how about them Golden Globes?

  • Another Best Picture win for Argo! Interesting. My gut still says Lincoln is the film to beat for the Oscar, if only because it's so rare for a movie whose director was not nominated for Best Director to win Best Picture — it's happened five times, I think, most recently in 1989, when Bruce Beresford was not nominated for directing Driving Miss Daisy — but back-to-back wins for Argo gives one pause. After all, the Academy is somewhat more willing than it used to be to split the Best Picture and Best Director prizes; yeah, it's only four times in the last twelve years, but the previous four times occurred over a span of 33 years. And honestly, the Academy has never been shy about passing over Spielberg movies, even when they rack up a ton of nominations. I'm still putting my money on Lincoln — like I said yesterday, the Academy loves a serious-minded movie on a serious subject — but I'll be watching the SAG Awards with a little more interest now.
  • I really hate how the Golden Globes lumps musicals and comedies into a single category. The whole point of making a separate category for comedies is that they're almost taken less seriously for awards consideration than dramas, so why would you then turn around and make them compete against dramatic musicals? Because when that happens, guess what: the dramatic musical almost always wins. Looking back over the list of winners, the last time I see a comedy prevailing over a dramatic musical was 2004, when Sideways prevailed over Ray, and before that it was when Breaking Away beat The Rose, in 1979! (Unless anyone wants to try to convince me that A Chorus Line was a drama.) Mind you, I'm not saying that Les Misérables wasn't the best film in the category; maybe it was, but I haven't seen it and don't intend to, so I don't know. I'm just saying that it's dumb for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to put all musicals in one category without considering whether it's a musical comedy or a musical drama.
  • Say, speaking of Les Misérables, it just now occurs to me that Fantine is the lead female role in that story, so why does Anne Hathaway keep getting nominated for and winning Best Supporting Actress awards? I suppose there's a case to be made that Cosette is the lead female role, or that every role is in support of Jean Valjean, but I don't think I agree.
  • Quentin Tarantino's win for Best Adapted Screenplay might be seen as another sign of an incipient Lincoln backlash, if one was inclined to think such a thing was incipient. Add the Writer's Guild Awards to the list of upcoming award shows to be more interested in.
  • Now that I've seen Brave, I can't help be a little surprised that it won Best Animated Film over Wreck-It Ralph. I can't help but wonder if there's a presumptive bias in favor of Pixar films? A Pixar film has won the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature every year but one, and in that one year, the winner was The Adventures of Tintin, which featured a beloved and iconic European character, which is a factor that I think should not be ruled out with an organization in which also 60% of the voting members represent European media outlets. Or maybe other people just liked it more than I did.
  • The TV awards … well, I don't much care about the TV awards. Never seen Homeland, nor Girls, nor any other winner in any other category. I guess I can muster some enthusiasm for Game Change, because it was written by Buffy's Danny Strong, but my basic attitude these days is that if Community isn't nominated, then I'm not that interested.

I guess that's … oh, wait, I'm supposed to care about what people were wearing, right? Let me look at some photos. Hm, nope, I got nothin'.

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