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A fun game

Remove one letter from a video game title

My brother shared this image on Facebook the other day. (Actually, I made this image myself, based on the one he shared. I didn't like the text justification on the original.) I offered a few game titles and descriptions, then shared it on my own Facebook wall for my own friends to see and comment on. In a moment, the results of that post.

My contributions:

  • PC-man: A liberal Democrat chases conservative boogeymen through the halls of Congress.
  • QI: Players race to name as many valid two-letter Scrabble words as possible.
  • Bert: The player must run around Sesame Street recapturing his escaped pigeons
  • Battle Zoe: The sequel to the above; Bert seeks revenge when he discovers who released his pigeons.
  • Donkey Kong J: Just like Donkey Kong, but Mario is replaced by Julius Irving.
  • Bublé Witch Saga: A quest to rescue the jazz singer, who has been kidnapped and imprisoned by enchantresses.
  • Burgher Time: Much like The Sims, but set in a 16th-century German village.
  • Moo Patrol: You're a cowboy rounding strays from the cattle drive and tracking down rustlers.
  • Taper: You're manning a mall gift-wrapping operation at the height of the Christmas rush! Can you keep up with demand?

And those of my friends and relatives:

College pal Joni: Steroids.
    (But what's it about, Joni?)
Lance Armstrong. Duh.

College pal Orion:

  • Dom - you're a portly man running around a maze trying not to get slapped by Burt Reynolds.
  • Hal Life - Barney Miller reruns. Nothing but.
  • Moral Kombat - philosophical fighting game.
  • Leisure Sit Larry - Larry Hagman loafing about.
  • Dad Space - Build the man cave of your dreams
  • Hal 4 - The continuing story of Barney Miller
  • NL Madden - Tim Tebow is transported to the Netherlands and has to convert people to his unique brand of Christianity.
  • Skyrm - RPG where you are an unbelievable hairy man trying to collect all the beer cans.
         ("Skyrm" was the nickname of a hard-drinking mutual friend of ours.)

TWoP pal Debbie: Angry Bids -- RPG you are the auctioneer and must identify the first and highest bidder from a mob of angry shoppers.

TwoP pal jenelope:

  • AC Man: it's about stopping the person who keeps sneaking over to the thermostat to change it when you're not looking.
  • The Sim: It's about a really, really, and I do mean terribly awfully bored and lonely little virtual person.
  • Grand Heft Auto: Hulk-like car thieves steal cars by carrying them away.
  • Rayman's Raving Rabbis: Glowsticks and Hava Nagila, bay-bee!

Bookstore pal silver05: Left or Dead - the world's most frustrating maze game.

College pal Melissa: Hosts of Mistwood: about being really polite and welcoming and inclusive.

Church pal Molly: Orderlands. The world of trapper keepers and file cabinets.

Brother Andy:

  • Bert: yellow muppet chases a cockney chimney sweep over the rooftops of Sesame Street
  • Dance Dance Evolution: Players flail around looking like Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons while attempting to keep up with music. Wait - that's the same game!
  • Ole Position - Get a Lutheran minister from Minnesota into a series of new jobs with suitable congregations.
  • Fogger - make cars crash into each other due to reduced visibility, so you can cross the road.
  • Gaaga - it's like Steroids, except squadrons of pop singers in outlandish outfits attack your gun while you are shooting.
  • Pace Invaders - a racing game where you try to hijack the lead car.
  • PNG - you play a game of video tennis, and then convert the screen into a graphics file
  • Qi - manipulate a series of electronic needles to increase your character's life energy through acupuncture
  • Word of Warcraft - travel around a fantasy land, challenging other avatars you meet to a game of Scrabble.
  • Si City - Simulate living in a Mexican city where the citizens are very agreeable.
  • ETris - Use a magic finger to manipulate a cute alien through a series of falling blocks to get him back to his spaceship.
  • Guitar Her: RPG where you are Joan Jett or Nancy Wilson
  • Wreck-It Alph - Educational game where letters of the alphabet pop up as in Whack-a-mole and players bash them with a hammer
  • Suga Rush - RPG - hot chicks at college, pledging sororities (alternate: Sugar Rus - you are an ancient Scandinavian barbarian with a heart of gold)
  • Eros Duty - Shoot characters with a little bow and arrow to make them fall in love with each other
  • Farmvile: Manage your own farm growing hemlock, toadstools and other poisonous crops.

Placemat pal Greg:

  • Red Dad Redemption: The debut from NPR's gaming division brings YOU into the story of Tony Kahn and his blacklisted-screenwriter father Gordon.
  • Assassin's Cred - A hitman has to take menial jobs after he's outed as a Brony;
  • RON - After Custer's Revenge gained notoriety, Ron Jeremy licensed his likeness to a game. This coincided with the first video-game collapse. So the project was shelved, and was later cleaned up where it became Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Roc Band - Kill Sinbad and get to the gig!
  • Bio Hock. Sell plasma for $. Just like sophomore year.

College pal misterweasel:

  • Half Lie - a political speech-writing game
  • Alf Life - based on the lovable alien and his wacky hijinks with the Tanner family
  • Need for Seed - farming simulator
  • Ned for Speed - stop Homer's neighbor from turning to a life of crime and starting his own meth lab
  • World of WarCrat - enter the fascinating world of Donald Rumsfeld in this exciting game that combines warmongering with bureaucracy
  • Porta - That extra beer you had at the outdoor music festival is quickly working its way through - will you be able to dodge the vendors, musicians, and get through the line "in time"?

College pal Kirsten: Gone with the Win: The Yankees leave the South alone after winning the war & skip the Reconstruction Era.
     (There's a Gone with the Wind video slot machine, so I allowed it.)

TWoP pal mrghoul:

  • Final Fantas - Surviving a global soft drink shortage.
  • MST - a surrealistic point-and-click adventure game that takes place approximately 105 degrees west of Greenwich.
  • Rien - a very uneventful French sequel to MST.

High school pal Kaarin: Words With Fiends. You lose, you forfeit your soul.

College pal Lisa: Suer Mario Bros. Litigate your way through an alternate universe.

A variation was proposed:

Junior high school pal Emily: Can I add a letter? "President Evil", about the parallel future world where the other candidate won the election?

And some of us tried Emily's variant:

jheaton: Dragon's Flair, in which kickboxing legend Don "The Dragon" Wilson, reduced by hard times to serving at the family restaurant Chotchkie's, must gather enough funny buttons and pins to stop the manager from firing him.

Brother Andy:

  • Tetrisk: Manipulate "Soviet block" countries to make them fit Western geopolitical strategy
  • Pact-man - sequel to Tetrisk

Add your own in the comments, if you're so inclined!

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