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NBC promo for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia

See, this is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about back on January 18. NBC just posted the above image on their Facebook page, captioned "One Year From Today NBC Olympics kicks off the #Olympics2014!" But you know what they haven't posted today? A reminder that Community returns tomorrow. So they'll promote an event happening a year from now that will draw a huge audience without any promotion on their part, but not a show returning in less than 24 hours that has struggled to find an audience. Nice.

In fairness, the official Community pages on both Facebook and Twitter have been promoting the heck out of it, and I'm sure I speak for the fandom when I say I really appreciate that, but we're not the ones who need to be told. The vast majority of people who follow @nbcCommunity or like Community on Facebook already know that Community is returning tomorrow, October 19 February 7.

(An aside: the joke in Community fandom is that tomorrow is October 19, because NBC's original plan was that it would return on that date in 2012. When I looked back through the archives to see when I previously posted about NBC's promotion of Community and found it on January 18, my first instinct was to say I'd posted it exactly one month ago, because if Community is returning tomorrow, then today must be the 18th. Sad.)

My point is that social media is great for communicating and building brand loyalty with your existing customers, but lousy at reaching new ones. So while I appreciate the efforts of the show accounts, what I'd appreciate even more, and what I've not seen very much of, is the main network accounts on Twitter and Facebook retweeting or sharing the promotions generated by the show accounts. They have done a bit off this — indeed, a promoted Tweet about the season premiere is currently pinned atop NBC's Twitter feed — but we need more. More, I say! How will we get our #sixseasonsandamovie without it?
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