John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A.

Yesterday was a good day!

GOOD THING THE FIRST: I got to see my favorite movie, Casablanca, projected on a big screen in a theater, just as God intended! I’ve seen Casablanca more times than I could tell you, but only once before in a more or less theatrical setting. Like most colleges, my alma mater, Cornell College, had a student organization that sponsored student activities — Cornell's was (and is) called PAAC — and on one memorable occasion the activity they scheduled was a screening of Casablanca. It was scheduled to take place during a block break — one during which I had planned to go home for a quick visit. And quick it was, because instead of staying for the entire duration of the break, I returned to campus early to see the movie.

So in one sense, yesterday's screening was better than the earlier one, because it required a 15-minute bus ride instead of a four-hour drive. And it was in an actual theater, the Majestic, as opposed to a multipurpose room in the Commons. On the other hand, the Majestic is not, in my opinion, tremendously well suited to movies; it's mostly a live music venue these days, and the seating is designed for that, not for movies. And rather than a 35mm print, they used a DVD, which resulted in some nasty artifacting when projected onto a screen.

But hey, Casablanca! It's a wonderful movie regardless.

GOOD THING THE SECOND: There was a new episode of Community! Technically, I didn't watch it until today, but given the multiple hiatuses and the persistently low ratings and the general indifference of its network, I can't help but look upon any regularly scheduled broadcast of the show as something to be celebrated.

And it was a good episode! Not as good as their other Halloween episodes — remember, the show was supposed to come back in October — but very solid nonetheless: funny, with good character interaction and solid emotional beats. And in general it was well received, which is likewise a good thing. Oh, and speaking of Community

GOOD THING THE THIRD: This happened:

A bit of background: when Community came back from its post-Christmas hiatus last year, executive producer Neil Goldman decided to whip up fan interest by giving away signed scripts and other goodies via a series of hashtag contests similar to the one seen in the first embed Tweet above. He left the staff at the end of the third season, but the production staff started the contests again in advance of the new season. I was a loyal participant — some of my followers would say too loyal sometimes — but had yet to win. Until yesterday! Here's my reaction to having won:

Not that elegant, but I think it gets the message across.

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