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One of my little traditions is that I go to church on the anniversary of my mom's death. The practical effect of this tradition is that it all but guarantees that I will attend at least one Roman Catholic mass a year, since very few denominations other than Roman Catholics hold weekday worship services.

So yesterday afternoon I hied myself over to St. Dominic's, a Roman Catholic church and priory located about four blocks from my office. (One nice thing about working in a large city: it makes it a lot easier to find a church that holds mid-day masses. When I worked Loudoun County, I had to call a half dozen churches before I found one with a noon mass, and it was more ten miles away. Now that I work in DC, I know of at least four within walking distance.) It was a nice service, largely unexceptional. But toward the end of the service, the priest made an announcement from the pulpit that I found very interesting: tomorrow's mass, he said, would be officiated by the Archbishop of the Washington Diocese, Theodore Cardinal McCarrick.

How could I pass up an opportunity to attend a worship service led by a Cardinal? There are only 13 of them in the whole United States! So this afternoon I, the lifelong Presbyterian, went back to St. Dominic's for mass again. And, wouldn't you know, it was much better than the service I'd attended the day before. The homily alone made it worth the time. I guess they don't just give those little red hats to anyone.

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