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Poet's Corner: From "The Talk of Flowers"

On this date in A.D. 1009, the "first known mention of Lithuania, in the annals of the monastery of Quedlinburg." Have you mentioned Lithuania today?

From "The Talk of Flowers"

I don't know, whether it was
the sun had done it,
the rain or wind,
but I really missed
both snow and whiteness.

While listening to showers
rinsing the pink
fresh chestnut buds,
and the high brook running
downhill in rivulets,
I missed the snow
and whiteness.

Now while the yards
fill out with sound,
the red-cheeked
farmgirls string their wash
out in the wind,
then leaning back
stand there to watch
fresh yellow willow banks.

For love is like the wind,
and love is like water:
turning warm in spring,
freezing over in autumn.

But I, I don't know why,
whether the sun
had done it,
the rain or wind,
I really missed both
snow and whiteness.

This wet wind blows the wash
will blow again, I know;
just as the same old rain
rains in the chestnuts now.
Though love the snow took off with
will not be back,
asleep in deep snow
as words and heart are;
I watched it rain just now,
the first spring rain
dancing, at my open door!
Someone I never noticed before

went by in the downpour;
looking just lovely, she
even smiled at me.

So love is like the wind,
and like water too,
turning warm in spring,
freezing over in autumn,
and yet I still don't know
why: whether it was the sun,
the rain or wind
had done it,
I really miss both
snow and whiteness.

Jonas Mekas (born 1922)
Translated by Vyt Bakaitis (born 1940)


Tags: poet's corner, this day in history

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