John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Spring election wrapup

I think the election went pretty well yesterday! OK, so I got home and realized I still had the tabulator and Automark keys in my pocket, big deal. Aside from that, everything went smoothly. Having a 17% turnout really helps in that regard; also, being overstaffed. We had eleven workers including myself, but for a two-ward polling place in a low-turnout election, I don't think you need more than nine people: one at the greeter table, to look up addresses and tell people which ward they live in; one at the registration table, to handle same-day registrations; four at the poll book table, two for each ward; two at the ballot table, one for each ward; and the chief inspector. For low-turnout elections, I imagine we could get by with as few as four people if we really had to, though I wouldn't want to.

One particularly exciting -- from an election official's perspective, I mean -- thing that happened yesterday was that we had a Sun Prairie School District voter. I think I mentioned back in February that one of my wards straddles two school districts, requiring us to have two different ballots for that one ward. In the primary, the ballots for voters living in the SPSD part of the ward went unused, but not so this time! Amusingly, the voter in question had no idea; indeed, she might have been disappointed, because one of the Madison Metropolitan School District races was pretty hotly contested, whereas the SPSD had three seats were uncontested.

Speaking of the MMSD, you may recall me writing about a woman who had withdrawn from the race for an open school board seat after winning the primary. Wisconsin election law required that her name remain on the ballot, and in my two wards, she was, bizarrely enough, the top vote-getter. She carried eight other precincts as well. The other 109 precincts went for the other candidate, thank goodness, but overall he only received 64.9% of the vote. Why would anyone vote for the candidate who had withdrawn when a credible candidate remained on the ballot?

As far as the political side of things are concerned, it was a mixed bag. Most of the people I voted for won, and in two of the races in which I supported the losing candidate, I don't have any qualms about who won. (Officially, one of the races I'm counting as a loss is still undecided pending the tally of the outstanding absentee ballots, but he's behind and I doubt he can make up the difference.) I do have qualms about the winner of the State Supreme Court race, but that was a foregone conclusion so I was prepared for it.
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