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Last night I had my fifth dental appointment in as many weeks. and for now I'm done. My teeth are reasonably clean, and my cavities have been filled. Whoo hoo! I still have work that needs to be done -- three crowns, a couple of extractions, and a partial denture -- but they can wait. Well, actually, they must wait. My insurance company requires pre-approval before performing major work, and even thought my dentist submitted the treatment plan for predetermination a month ago, we still haven't heard back from them. Jerks.

Of course, even if I had received approval from the insurance company, I would still put off the rest of the treatment. The stuff I've had done so far has been relatively inexpensive, and with the exception of the extractions, what's left is fairly costly. The plan all along has been to spread the major work over several months. So when you come right down to it, the insurance company is probably doing me a favor by taking their time on the predetermination. The dentist would, I'm sure, just as soon do everything as soon as possible, and not having approval to proceed means I can put him off and not feel guilty about it.

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