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Hooray, the Emmy nominations have been announced! I studies the list of nominations over lunch, and had a few thoughts:

  • As usual, Outstanding Animated Program is a tough category, with Disney's Kim Possible, Futurama, and The Simpsons all receiving nominations. Normally, I would support Futurama unreservedly, but I'm hesitant to do so in this case because I haven't seen the nominated episode. ("Jurassic Bark" was never broadcast in Washington, DC, because the football game ran long, and those jackasses at Fox never rebroadcast it.) So if I'm forced to choose between Kim Possible and The Simpsons, both of which nominated episodes ("Crush" and "Three Gays of the Condo," respectively) I have seen, I'd have to go with The Simpsons.
  • Scrubs got its sole nomination in the Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series category. This isn't as good as it getting the acting nominations it so richly deserves, but it does in come small way recognize that it has one of the strongest ensembles casts on TV today.
  • The Outstanding Commercial category contains one puzzling nomination and several outrageous omissions. The Pepsi Twist commercial with the Osbournes should not have been nominated; it was modestly amusing the first time it aired, and insufferably tedious on all subsequent airings. They should have take a page from Apple's book and never shown it again after the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Ikea's "Lamp" and Saturn's "Sheet Metal," which won the Cannes Gran Prix and the Advertising Age Best of Show awards respectively, failed to be nominated. And worse, my pick for best commercial of the century, Volkswagen's "Bubble," was likewise overlooked. I'm appalled with two Ps. What's particularly troubling about the last one is the implicit message that the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences prefers Donny and Marie to the Electric Light Orchestra.
  • Will & Grace was nominated in the Outstanding Direction in a Comedy Series category for an episode entitled "24;" The West Wing was nominated in the Outstanding Direction in a Comedy Series category for an episode entitled "25." Could this be a trend of some sort?
  • Primetime Glick was nominated in the Outstanding Makeup (Prosthetic) category. That's appropriate, since without the prosthetic makeup, Primetime Glick would not even exist.
  • Glad to see Tony Shaloub nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy. He's one of my fave raves. If you haven't seen Big Night or The Man Who Wasn't There, I must insist you do so as soon as possible.
  • I'm happy John Mahoney was nominated as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy. I've always though he was an underappreciated actor. He should have gotten an Oscar nomination for Say Anything.... But I'm very disappointed that John C. McGinley was overlooked for his performance in Scrubs.
  • And speaking of disappointing, Kristin Davis was once again the only member of the Sex and the City cast not to be nominated for an Emmy. I don't watch Sex and the City, because I think it bites the wax tadpole, so I don't know if Davis deserves a nomination or not, but I have a soft spot in my heart for her because she played Brooke on Melrose Place.
  • Matthew Perry was nominated in the Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama category for his two guest appearances on The West Wing. He was surprisingly good, so this makes me happy.
  • I had some slight hope that Buffy might get nominated as Outstanding Drama. After all, Star Trek: The Next Generation got nominated in its final season, and there was no episode of Buffy this past season that was worse than "Masks," so I figured it had a shot. But it didn't get nominated. Alas.
  • The Day The Towers Fell was nominated as Outstanding Nonfiction Special. I would have sworn this was nominated last year, but looking back I see I was confusing it with two other 9/11 specials. Whoops.
  • Ah, here's Buffy, tucked away in the Outstanding Visual Effects category. That's not undeserved; I thought the effects in "Chosen" were really good, especially at the end when Buffy was running across the rooftops and the town was collapsing beneath her. Unfortunately, it's up against Firefly, so I don't know who to root for. Amusingly, the same person was nominated as lead compositor for both shows, but on Buffy he was credited as Christopher Jones, and on Firefly as Chris Jones.

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