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Paintings by Thomas Moran

Speaking of things I used to do regularly but now don't, I used to post works of art on Sundays. I called this feature, "Art on Sunday." (I am not afraid of being accused of being too on the nose.) As with my poetry posts, I don't intend to resume posting art regularly in the near future, I think I will post some art today, because I have recently received some art in the mail, and because I have a couple of things I need to write for the church newsletter and therefore don't want to spend a lot of time thinking about and writing something here.

Thomas Moran (1837-1926)
Valley of the Catawissa in Autumn, ca. 1862
Oil on canvas
39.75 x 63.5 in.
Valley of the Catawissa in Autumn
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Ark.

When I got home from Much Ado About Nothing (more about which tomorrow) on Thursday, I found in my mailbox a package from rustydog, containing two wee armadillos in clear plastic balls and a postcard of the painting above, which she said was one of her favorite landscapes at the Crystal Bridges Museum. It was an inspired choice on her part, because I am a big fan of the Hudson River School, Moran especially. In fact, I happen to have a poster from a 1997 National Gallery of Art retrospective of landscapes by Thomas Moran, which depicts another of his monumental works.

Thomas Moran (1837-1926)
Green River Cliffs, Wyoming, 1881
Oil on canvas
25 x 62 in.
Green River Cliffs, Wyoming
National Gallery of Art, Washington

As you can see, this one is somewhat smaller, but still pretty darn big. And I can confirm what Rusty said on her card about Catawissa is also true of this one: it's more impressive when it's five feet wide. As it happen, the poster is also pretty darn big, more than three feet across, but even that doesn't compare with seeing the real thing.
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