John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

It's probably just a coincidence the Governor is a Republican

I'm sure you've heard about the big controversy that is roiling the state of North Carolina: a proposal by Governor Pat McCrory to close certain state historical sites, including but not limited to the President James K. Polk State Historic Site, located in Pineville.

OK, it may be a slight overstatement to say that it's roiling the state, but at least 1,029 people have signed a petition to Governor McCrory and the state legislature to restore funding, and while at least one of those people lives in Wisconsin, I'm sure that a few of them do actually live in North Carolina. For example, I'll bet this person has signed:

Maya Osaka, 10, is a volunteer at the birthplace James K. Polk in Pineville, NC

That's 10-year-old Maya Osaka, and not only is James K. Polk her favorite President, she also volunteers at the historical site. She was upset enough about it that she wrote a letter to the Governor herself, asking that the site funding be preserved, saying "We should preserve it because Polk was the 11th president, and he was considered the best one-term president in American history — I think it would be a terrible thing to say goodbye to that." Well said, Miss Osaka! And may I say you have fine taste in Presidents?
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