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Art on Sunday on Monday

I got so busy creating events for my church's Facebook page that I nearly forgot to make my daily LiveJournal post! Luckily, my plan all along was to do a super-lazy picture post, so no real harm done.

Yesterday after church and before the volunteer appreciation service and dinner at Pres House, the Presbyterian Church (USA) student ministry at UW-Madison, where I help prepare and serve a communal meal several times a year with other people from my church, I visited the Chazen Museum of Art with the intention of finally seeing 1934: A New Deal for Artists, an exhibition organized by the Smithsonian Museum of American Art of works created under the Public Works of Art Project. I visited the Museum of American Art pretty frequently when I lived in the DC area, so I had previously seen several of the works in the show, including Ross Dickinson's Valley Farms, which I'd not just seen but previously posted in this here journal. There were a bunch that were new to me, so I decided I'd share a few of my favorites here.

Millard Sheets (1907-1989 )
Tenement Flats, 1933-34
Oil on canvas
Millard Sheets, Tenement Flats
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.

Max Arthur Cohn (1903-1998)
Coal Tower, ca. 1934
Oil on canvas
Max Arthur Cohn, Coal Tower
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.

Kenneth M. Adams (1897-1966)
Juan Duran, 1933-34
Oil on canvas
Kenneth M. Adams, Juan Duran
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.
Tags: art: painting, excursions, smithsonian, wisconsin: madison

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