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My LiveJournal time today will be spent preparing the review roundup for community_tv, so here's an article I wrote recently for my church newsletter. Thanks to my Buffy fandom pal Melissa G. for proofreading this for me. (I asked her to look it over because the person who proofreads the newsletter is me, and I don't necessarily trust myself to notice a typo in something I wrote myself.) Enjoy!

Back in March, Mary K. pulled me aside after choir rehearsal to request a bit of help from the Deacons. She explained that she and her husband Marty would be moving at the beginning of April. The move was scheduled for the same weekend Marty would be singing with the Madison Symphony Chorus, which meant he would need a lot of rest those days, limiting his ability to help unpack everything once the movers were done. She added that she was recovering from an injured shoulder, and that neither she nor Marty were as young as she used to be. So she wanted to know if the Deacons might be able to help them out.

The next day, I sent out an email to the Deacons asking if anyone was available to help, and by the time I saw Mary on Sunday morning, I had five volunteers. On April 6, we five arrived at Mary and Marty's new apartment and set to work. Bev B., Melissa B., and I unpacked and organized the kitchen; Nancy C. unpacked the china cabinet; and Max B. helped Mary organize the closets. When we left two hours later, we'd made a significant dent in the boxes and the apartment was much more livable than when we'd arrived.

I bring this up not to boast or to fish for compliments, but simply to remind you that this is why we have a Board of Deacons. We look after the needs of the congregation the way the Session looks after the needs of the church. Some of the things we do are for the congregation as a whole, such as the greening and degreening of the church, and the all-church picnic, for example. Other things we do are for the benefit of individuals, like celebrating communion with shut-ins, or making meals for those who are dealing with an illness in the family. Either way, it's part of the ministry of service to which God has called us.

But we can't serve effectively if we're not also called by you. We offer our services proactively when we hear of a potential need, but we don't necessarily hear about everything. That’s especially true now that the Kairos 2040 construction has started and our normal patterns of interaction have been disrupted.

The Madison City Clerk’s Office has a motto that I think applies equally well to the Deacons: We exist to assist. So don't be afraid to reach out to us when you need some assistance. We'll do what we can to get you the help you need.

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