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In for a penny, in for a pound

I'm not busy today writing something to be posted elsewhere on LiveJournal, but I am feeling lazy, which reminds me: I wrote two articles for the last church newsletter! Here's the other one, which like the first was improved upon by Melissa G.

Now that the construction phase of Kairos 2040 has begun, we all have to work a little harder to keep up with what's happening in the life of our church family. Attending Sunday worship or the events organized by the Connections Commission or the Youth and Family Ministry team is a great way to do that, but you can also keep connected online, via Christ Presbyterian's social media accounts.

CPC currently has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. The Facebook page,, is the most active of the three; new content is added there most days, including information about upcoming events and plenty of photos. Our Twitter account,, mostly mirrors the content posted on Facebook, though we’re exploring other uses. The Flickr account,, is the church's oldest social media account, having been created to share photos of our 2007 Habitat for Humanity project. We're just starting to upload new photos there. But social media isn't very social if only the church contributes to it! That's where you come in.

If you're a Facebook member, the first thing you should do is "Like" our page. This should feel natural, since you probably like us already. Once you’ve Liked us, anything posted to CPC's Facebook wall will show up in your news feed. You can also Like and comment on individual CPC wall posts, and share them on your own wall, all of which can draw attention to our page and help broaden the social circle. When you see a new CPC event posted, you can invite your friends. If you attend an event and post a status update about it, think about adding CPC as the location, or (if you've liked us) tag us in the status update itself by typing @ before the name of the church. Location-tagged activity will appear on the church’s Wall.

Lastly. if you take pictures or video at an event and post them to Facebook, please consider making those photos public instead of friends-only. Only page administrators can post to CPC’s wall, but if your photos and videos are public, we can share them. Bear in mind, though, that anyone can see a public post. (Our policy is to not tag people in photos, though individuals may tag themselves.)

On Twitter, you can follow our account to receive all our tweets in your own timeline. You can also mention us in your own tweets simply by including @cpcmadison.

On Flickr, we've created a public group called CPC Madison,, where any Flickr user can post their pictures of CPC and CPC events. If you're a Flickr member, you can join that group and add your photos to it! Any picture added to that group may be shared on the CPC Facebook wall or projected onscreen during a worship service, so keep that in mind if you have concerns about privacy.

CPC is still pretty new at social media, so if there’s anything else you’d like to see us doing online or if you have any advice to offer, we’re happy to hear it. Just talk to our office manager Gilda, Connections Commission chair Ellen M., or Communications team member John Heaton.

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