John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Brought to you by the Committee to Find the Notes from Last Night's Deacons Meeting

Gosh, look at all this stuff in my backpack that I'm carrying around for no good reason:

  • Order of service from April 28 Pres House worship service
  • Agenda from April 21 nominating committee meeting
  • Brochure for my church's camping trip in August
  • Announcements from my church's April 28 worship service
  • List of upcoming Wednesday Nite @ the Lab presentation covered with notes from the May 1 lecture
  • Bulletin from my church's April 28 worship services
  • List and map of art galleries taking part in the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art's May 3 Gallery Night
  • Slip of paper reminding me to tell Red Robin about the meal I ate there
  • Menus for the food carts that will be at the all-church picnic on May 19
  • Brochures for upcoming events at Holy Wisdom Monastery in Middleton.

Rest assured that I did at some point have a reason for placing said items into my backpack. The question is, why were they still there? It's a mystery.

(Incidentally, I did find the notes.)

Tags: lists of ten things

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