John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Did you know I have a Tumblr?

Did you know I have a Tumblr? I do! It serves no particular purpose, but it's a convenient way to share photos and videos and such with my Twiiter pals, because everything I post there is Tweeted automatically. 90% of what gets posted there have to do either with armadillos or James K. Polk, which is of little to no interest to anyone but me, but on occasion I post something comic strips, pictures of interesting architecture, or whatever else happens to strike my fancy. For example, when the Pulitzer Prizes were announced, I posted this editorial cartoon by Steve Sack:

Editorial cartoon by Steve Sack

Which by a huge margin is the most popular thing I've ever posted to Tumblr, thanks to having been reblogged by a very popular Tumblr blog, political-cartoons. As of this date, my original post has been shared or liked 384 times. My next most popular post? This, which I ganked (with attribution) from (postmodernbarney):

I will break you

Which has been liked or reblogged 62 times or 16% as often. I have a handful of other posts that have likes and reblogs in the double digits, but most have none. Which is fine. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's neat to see how many people have taken note of the Steve Sack post, but it's not like I really did anything to earn it.
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