John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

By request, a post about Lisa

My friend Lisa thinks more of my journal entries should be about her. I think I spoiled her by writing about her for three days in a row in my old web journal. But that was 11 years ago, so maybe she's due. Here's the story of how I met her:

. . .

Actually, I don't remember the first time I met her. Intellectually, it must have been at the end of our first year at Cornell, when I was on the committee to pick the next year's resident advisers for Pauley, Rorem, and Olin Halls, and she was applying for an RA position. But I literally have no memory of it, possibly because I was more focused on who would be the RAs in Pauley, where I was going to live, and she ended up as a Rorem RA. Which, if true, is ridiculous, because Pauley and Rorem are connected by a central stairway -- nowadays, it's thought of as a single dorm, Pauley-Rorem Hall -- and they sort of shared a staff (though each had their own Head RA) so obviously I should have been just as concerned with who ended up in Rorem as with Pauley. But in truth I was mainly (if not exclusively) concerned with who would be the HRA for Pauley and the RA for my floor. Just the kind of guy you want on the selection committee!

Anyway. At the beginning of our second year, she and I were living half a flight of stairs aware from one another, me on Third Pauley, she on Fourth Rorem. At some point early in the year, I met a Fourth Rorem resident, Juli Anne. I don't know exactly what brought her down to Third Pauley -- visiting friends she'd made during New Student Orientation, I suppose -- but she was there and we got to be friends and at some point I went up to Fourth Rorem to visit her. And that's where the conscious memory of my friendship with Lisa starts, though even there the details are fuzzy. All I can say for sure is that eventually I ended up spending a heck of a lot of time up in her room talking with (or, more likely, listening to) her about weddings, with which she was completely obsessed, and probably other things. In fact, I was so prone to hanging out in her room that one time, she had to trick me into leaving so she could set up a surprise birthday party for me.
Tags: cornell college, halcyon days of yore

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