John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Imagine Garrett saying UPDATE! the way he says CRISIS ALERT!

UPDATE! Hey, I didn't think anyone would take my request for Hulu Plus account info seriously -- heck, I only meant about half seriously -- but thanks htbthomas! Community fans are the best.

UPDATE! Lisa says that she in fact was not interviewed by the RA selection committee on which I served, but neither of us know why she ended up serving as an RA there anyway. So much for intellectualism!

UPDATE! My Tweets still aren't being imported. LJ support tried to blame it on the emergency maintenance that took place on May 15 and 16, but even then I knew that was a bogus excuse, and the continued lack of importation well after the maintenance has been completed proves it. I should go gripe about it some more. I mean, update the support request.

UPDATE! When I returned Happy Endings season 1 disc 1 to the library, I made sure to mention the cataloging error, and they put a note on the case to make sure it was corrected before being reshelved. What a good citizen I am. I was going to say "what a good library patron I am," but then I remembered I owe them a dollar.

UPDATE! I got many compliments on my pair of presentations at the annual meeting yesterday, even though I apparently said "congressional" rather than "congregational" at least once when presenting the slate of Elder, Deacon, and Nominating Committee Representative nominees. Oops.

UPDATE! Something I forgot to mention about Chico & Rita: while I was generally unimpressed by the animation, I was reminded a few days later when listening to the soundtrack that there was one short sequence that I liked a lot, a dream sequence in which Chico imagines what life in New York will be like. Unlike the rest of the film, it's not rotoscoped -- or if it is, it's more loose and stylized than the way the rest is -- and because of that, it's considerably more vibrant and exciting than the rest of the film. Check out a clip from that sequence at

UPDATE! My Tumblr now belongs to Yahoo!, apparently. Which is fine with me, because they already own my email and host most of my graphics, but apparently a lot of Tumblr users are very upset.

Oh, and just in case the subject line means nothing to you:

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