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Annual meeting presentation

Here's the little thing I wrote for the first of my two presentations at my church's annual meeting last Sunday. This isn't exactly what I said, mind you; I varied from the text a bit when speaking, as one will -- I think I said "a lot" instead of "dozens," for example -- and I've removed the last names from this text. But close enough.

Deacons are called to a ministry of service to the members of the church, and in 2012 we carried out that ministry in many ways.

We prepared dozens of meals, some served here at the church, at the Go Moms and Dads! Brunch; the Long-term Members Brunch; and the all-church picnic, and many others taken to the homes of members dealing with serious medical issues.

We dropped in on people when they were in the hospital, and visited and celebrated Communion with several of our homebound members.

We provided transportation to members who needed help getting to and from church or medical appointments.

We took down and put up, in that order, the greenery that festooned the church building during Advent.

We also found a little time to help ourselves, by including a time for spiritual formation in our monthly meetings; in 2012, we read and discussed two books: From Nomads to Pilgrims, about congregations that transformed themselves by intentionally reclaiming traditional Christian practices; and Final Gifts, about how to better understand the special needs of the dying.

In 2012, we said said goodbye to the Deacons elected in 2009: Nathan; Stephen; Jay; Michelle; Mary; and Carolyn. We also bade farewell to Bethany, who relocated to Virginia. But we were very excited to welcome the class of 2015: Melissa; Sue F.; Sue K.; Matt; and Kathy.

In 2013, we expect to do more of the same. As I said in my recent Tidings article, Deacons are called to serve, and we serve when we’re called. So call us. If it’s in our power to help, we will. Thanks.

As for the other presentation, the "prepared text" was just a list of names, which I suppose I could post here but won't. Who wants to read a list of names?

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