John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Travelocity update

In the ten days since I last wrote about my difficulties getting Travelocity to stop sending me promotional emails, I've gotten six additional promotional emails from them, bringing the total number of such emails from them to 20 since changing the email address on my account. Impressive! In its suckitude, I mean.

I've also received a couple of emails from people who monitor Executive Offices public email inbox. (I copied that address on a couple of the emails I forwarded to Member Services. The first one informed me that they had no profile on record with the email address at which I was receiving the emails, proving that she hadn't bothered to look at the incident log despite my including the incident reference number in the forwarded email. The second one was from someone who'd at least glanced at the log, since she was aware that someone in Member Services had submitted an unsubscribe request on may 21, but apparently she hadn't bothered to read all the way back to the beginning, since she seemed unaware that my initial request had been made 14 days prior to that date.

As of this writing, I've not received any emails from them since Saturday, but I've gone that long with one before so I've no reason to think I've seen the last of them. As I mentioned before, when I had a similar problem with Men's Warehouse, it took a full month for promotional emails to start appearing at the new email address, so I assume I'll keep getting Travelocity emails for a few more days at least.
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