John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

Baseball at Night

I decided that I needed another baseball cap far more than I needed a new bobblehead or to shake hands with the Soup Nazi, so I'm off to the Duck Pond tonight to try to see the Madison Mallards play the Green Bay Bullfrogs. No free food this time, but that's OK, because I get a free hat instead! And free fireworks after the game, if I decide I feel like sticking around that long and it fits into my schedule. Getting home from the north side on weekend evenings is a bit of a hassle.

Going to a baseball game at night reminds me of a work I saw at the Chazen Museum of Art's recent exhibit of New Deal paintings. The Duck Pond is somewhat larger than the field pictured here, but other than that the two are reasonably similar. A Mallards game definitely captures the small-town atmosphere on display in this painting in a way that a major league game can't.

Morris Kantor (1896-1974)
Baseball at Night, 1934
Oil on linen
Baseball at Night by Morris Kantor
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington
Tags: art: painting, smithsonian, sports, wisconsin: madison

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