John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

The Adventure Continues!

One would think that the thing to do whilst on vacation is sleep late, but in fact this morning I got only slightly later than on the typical weekday. That's the disadvantage of sleeping in a tent, or at least in my tent: it's largely translucent.

But it was a nice morning, and I took a short walk around Boliver's neighborhood. By the time I got back, the others were stirring. boliver made us chorizo and eggs for breakfast, and we -- she, jenelope, rustydog, astrablue, godam, greenfiary, jazmyne, ejg, darkpool, arch, orangegeek, and myself -- sat at the picnic table in the back yard enjoying the food and the company.

Later, after we'd all showered and put on clean clothes, we piled various cars and headed into downtown San Diego to see Pirates of the Carribbean at the amazing and intriguingly designed Horton Plaza mall. Sep met us at the theatre, which was a pleasant surprise. And the movie was good too. Great score.

Now we're back at Boliver's relaxing, resting up for our big trip to the zoo later. And darkpool is making cookies. Good times, good times.

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